October 13, 2019

Increase Business By Improving Conversions

conversions2We talk a lot about how to promote your website, and get the traffic to it that you need, but what happens to them when they get there?

A lot of businesses get so fixated on their traffic levels, and the rankings they need to get that traffic, that they often overlook or don’t pay enough attention to actually converting all the visitors they’ve worked so hard to attract. (more…)

October 6, 2019

Page Rank, Huh Yeah! What Is It Good For?

Okay, so we know that we’ve already talked about the fact that Page Rank as a metric for SEO is probably not as important as it used to be in this article, but we thought it was worth looking at what PR is all about, and if Google ever updates it, why it might be something you should bear in mind. Plus, we love Rand’s Whiteboard Friday videos and never get bored of watching them.


September 29, 2019

A Great Site Isn’t Always Enough

mobile-optimizationSo you have this beautiful website that has been set up by a professional and contains stacks of useful information about your business, presented in a user-friendly way. But despite all of this, you aren’t getting much traffic to your site.

So why is a great website not always enough? And what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation and app store optimization? There are some excellent digital marketing agencies across the UK and USA, and we got some thoughts from a couple of them, Grapefruit Marketing and Messapps. (more…)

September 22, 2019

The Importance Of A Brand For Ranking

Affordable WordPress WebsitesDo you need to build a brand to be able to rank well in the major search engines? After all, there are probably millions of sites out there that rank relatively well for a variety of terms, and their site name and URL is nothing more than a couple of words that describe what their site is all about. They didn’t need a ‘brand’, so why should you? Whether you’re promoting your website yourself, or you work with an individual or organisation that provides SEO services to help you improve your rankings, you might want to start thinking about branding your business, if you really want to see some success in the search results. (more…)

August 25, 2019

The Death Of Page Rank?

Introduction to SEOAfter reading this article on Search Engine Land, I started thinking about the importance of Page Rank and whether it is actually ‘dead’. People still refer to Page Rank, whether it be businesses who are looking for someone to build them a certain number of links from PR sites, or SEOs who offer services designed to get ‘PR links’ or increase a site’s PR.

But the truth of it is, professional website companies like Bixa Media have come to realise that there are probably more importance considerations than PR when carrying out optimisation projects, as the Search Engine Land article points out. So the question isn’t really about whether PR is dead, but really whether it’s still the most relevant metric we have to assess links and websites. In which case, the answer is probably a resounding no. (more…)

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