September 8, 2019

A Great Site Isn’t Always Enough

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mobile-optimizationSo you have this beautiful website that has been set up by a professional and contains stacks of useful information about your business, presented in a user-friendly way. But despite all of this, you aren’t getting much traffic to your site.

So why is a great website not always enough? And what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation and app store optimization? There are some excellent digital marketing agencies across the UK and USA, and we got some thoughts from a couple of them, Grapefruit Marketing and Messapps.


According to industry experts, as well as looking good and being filled with information, a website needs to have findability. This is the ability for real people to be able to find the website and make use of it, with the end result being they buy from it or where it leads to. When a website has findability, it becomes useful and this makes it credible to search engines. Without it, it can be the most perfect website known to man and no one will get to see it.

There are various paths to findability – you can do pay-per-click advertising or more traditional types of advertising such as in newspapers or on radios. However, one of the most popular paths is the use of SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.


Just in case you haven’t encounter SEO somehow, a quick reminder of what it is. The definition in web dictionaries is that SEO is a ‘method of strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the amount of visitors to a website in order to obtain a high-ranking placement in search engine results’. SEO is all about great content that will give your website findability and also means that the website is providing something other than merely selling your service or product.

The other thing about SEO is that it is about quality, not quantity. Stuffing your website full of articles littered with keywords relating to your business just won’t do it for Google and its friends – the content has to be great quality, written in a professional manner. This is why many businesses are seeking out professionals to write their website content for them – the wrong content is as bad as no content at all.

Going Mobile

The newest component of findability is the world of the internet accessed via the mobile and with it apps. Again, creating an app isn’t something you can do on a weekend in between taking the kids to the park and watching the TV. An app needs to have app store optimization or ASO to really work well for your business, so again hiring a professional is often the best method.

Once you have your app, promoting it is the next crucial step. People aren’t’ going to discover it and your website along with it if they don’t know that it exists. Create social media profiles for your business and share information about the website, your app and other interesting stuff so that you aren’t all about your business. You can even create a press kit to send to media outlets interested in your business area who might consider writing about their app.

Remember, many people have great ideas and wonderful websites but without spending a little money and time to promote your website properly, no-one is likely to see it and you will never get the success you dream about.

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